We Teach:You Shoot:We Edit


Learn the basics of Super 8mm videography and come away with a nostalgic and gorgeous film of your own. We'll meet you for an hour-long one-on-one course (learning materials included), then leave you with a camera and a roll of film for 3 days for you to shoot anything your heart desires - your family, your party, your business, your cat - using your shiny new skills. Then we'll pick up the camera, develop and process the film, and edit your footage into a stylish video. So rad!


Once you've taken our crash course, 3 day rentals with film and editing are just $350.

Available for digital videography, too!


*Note that due to film lab processing times, turnaround takes up to 2 months.



Prefer for us to do the shooting, too? Our full service videography pricing starts at $550.