Q's and A's


Q. What’s your style?

A. We're storytellers. Every event is different and we tap into the essence of who and what we're capturing to make sure that the work we make reflects it.

Q. Can you travel to our wedding or shoot?

A. 100%. Traveling is our favorite thing. Our rates for destination weddings and shoots are the same as they are in town. We just require two nights accommodation and our travel costs covered. At the moment we're looking to shoot more on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, the US and Europe - so if you'd like us there, we'll work out a great travel rate. There’s no corner of the world we won’t come along with you to!

Q. What's the deal with Neat Photo Booth?

A. We wanted to bring a stylish photo booth option to Alberta so we started a photo booth business, Neat Photo Booth. If you book any of our packages, we'll gladly provide $300 off of your photo booth.

Q. How do you choose the music for highlight videos?

A. That’s up to you. We’re music fiends so we’re happy to carefully select a song that we think suits your video perfectly. If you’d prefer, you can also send us a couple songs that you love and we’ll choose one of those and surprise you with it when you see your video for the first time!

 Q. What's the story with Super 8?

A. We're pretty excited to be offering Super 8mm and we're one of the only companies in North America to offer it. Super 8mm is a vintage medium that records video on actual film! The results are clips of analog deliciousness that are fun to watch and completely original.  Super 8mm does have a few limitations. Because it's true film, it shoots best in daylight or equivalent lighting. This means that we won't be able to capture your reception and dance floor on Super 8mm and it's why our Super 8mm packages are limited to around 5 hours of daytime shooting.

If you’re interested in Super 8mm and have more questions we’d love to chat (and we probably want to be your friend). You can read more about super 8 right here.

Q. Do you provide full footage of our ceremony/speeches?

A. No, we’re not able to provide start-to-finish footage of your ceremony or speeches. It’s just not possible on Super 8!

 Q. How many of you will be shooting?

A.  When we shoot video, there will be one of us there to capture the day.

Q. Can we hire you for videography and photography?

A.  We are currently focusing on shooting video only with Arrow Films, but we do take on a small amount of photography work through Nicole Bhar Photography. We're in love with shooting with other photographers, too!

Q. How long will it take for us to get our video?

A.  For weddings, it usually takes us about 3 months to get everything looking perfect and delivered to you. We can often turn around smaller projects in a shorter time frame.

 Q. Will you hit the dance floor with us?

A. Oh yes.