ENGAGED! Katherine + Thomas


I've known Kathie since we were both three years old. I moved from Vancouver to Calgary at that age, and Kathie lived just blocks from me. We've been through every awkward and wonderful stage of life together, from Brownies to bizarro pre-teen years, we lived in a literally 200 square foot room in residence together when we both ventured to university in Victoria, and she stood beside Nicole and I on the breakwater as our witness as we had our marriage ceremony two years ago. She is one of the most important humans in my life - hilarious, deep, a bit of a goof, ambitious, and soulful. It was a great moment when she and Tom got together because there are few humans who I'd feel are good enough for my dear friend. And he is! He complements her perfectly and I am so thrilled to stand up with them this Summer as they voyage into marriage together.

Since we aren't shooting their wedding - we'll be too busy on bridesmaid duty (me) and finally-being-able-to-get-drunk-at-a-wedding duty (Nicole) - we offered to take some engagement photos when we were in Vancouver a few weeks ago. Stanley Park was the perfect locale, since Tom is an expert forager, Kathie is probably part elf, and both have such a love for the outdoors.

It was one of my favorite ever sessions and I'm so proud of these two for taking this leap together.

- Paula

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