BORN! Gooey Louie


We have a niece! Louise was born in late May and we loved her immediately. In the last few months, between her arrival until now when we've finally gotten around to making a blog post, she's become the sweetest little addition to our extended family. We call her Gooey Louie because her adorable lips and little dimple chin are absolute squishy deliciousness.

We also made a teeny little video, so check that out, too!

Here she is!

baby and dad

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BORN! Baby Matias


While we were in Vancouver last month, we simply could not pass up the chance to meet baby Matias, the already-cooler-than-us new son of our good friends Anne and Mil. Anne and Mil have lived all around the world but thankfully have planted some roots a little closer to us and it was so wonderful to check out their central Vancouver condo complete with the sweetest nursery we've seen, which is basically a bird's nest overlooking the Pacific.

Of course, while visiting, we couldn't resist capturing a few photos of Matias' sweet sweet baby legs.

Congratulations to this beautiful family!


baby gaze
Downtown Vancouver nursery
mother son love
baby ear