10 Reasons You Need a Wedding Video

At Arrow, we've got big love for films.

Over the years, we've noticed that while almost everyone who gets married chooses to have photography, it's far less common to dish out the money for a wedding video. And we get that. We really do. But we feel incredibly passionate about what wedding videography offers and think that it's something that you should absolutely consider.

Spending much time considering all the factors, we've put together a list of the reasons why it pays to have a video made. If you're considering it but still aren't quite sure, this list is for you.

10 Reasons You Need a Wedding Video


1. Videos are shareable as all heck.

People are hardwired to love watching short, touching, exciting videos. It's science. It's simple to share your video via your favorite social media platform, by email, on your laptop - anywhere. No photo albums or files to carry around!

2. Videos come with the magical element of music.

No two ways about it, music enhances all. As Vonnegut said, "Music makes practically everybody fonder of life than he or she would be without it".  When we make a video, we obsessively find the perfect music to go along with it, matching the mood, laughs, and sentimental moments of your day with the most suitable tunes. It completely enhances the feel of the video. Trust us.

3. Video captures the moments in between.

Photography is great. It's necessary. But beyond the scope of what photography can achieve is the capturing of the little moments in between the big ones. The mannerisms, the subtle looks, the way you moved. The moments in between are our favorite ones to capture.

4. Videos are keepsakes.

We really can't imagine anything better than being able to show your family and friends your video years and years down the road. You'll probably even gain some respect (rather than eye rolls) from your grandkids when they see it.

5. Videos help you relive your day.

The feedback we hear the most from couples who get videos is that it helped them remember their wedding day, which, as it was happening, was a bit of a blur. Not only do you get to revisit your favorite moments, you also get to see perspectives that you missed during the day - your partner getting ready, your family and friends hanging out, and your vows and reception from a different angle.

6. Videos capture your personal style.

No two couples are the same - and no two videos should be the same. We get to know you, get a sense of your style, and spend the day observing who you are and what's important to you. The result is that your video really captures the essence of you as a couple.

7. Videos give you the feels.

When we make a video, our goal is to have you laughing AND crying. When we're editing, we know we're on the right track when we get teary-eyed ourselves.

8. Videos are concentrated happiness.

Often, you'll see a wedding video described as a "highlight video". That's because what we do is film throughout the whole day and then carefully go through hours and hours of footage to piece together the very best, very happiest, very most moving moments. The result is a short film, usually only about 5 minutes long, that's jammed full of all the best moments of the day.

9. Videos are unique.

Videos are certainly on the rise, but still, not everyone gets one. They're a great way to share your story in a unique way that people will be really excited to see.

10. Videos catch the dance moves.

And that's all we're going to say about that.

At Arrow Films, we're all about capturing moments on film. We offer HD highlight film shooting and Super 8mm film shooting (and combinations of both!) all across Canada and internationally. See some examples of what we do here and get in touch with us if you'd like some more information.

MARRIED! Saylish + Landon


If I could sum up Saylish and Landon's wedding in three words they would be: authentic, beautiful and EDMONTON. This was the most Edmonton wedding we've ever shot (in the best way!). Saylish Haas, owner of Meat and The Next Act (our number one very favourite pub) and Landon Schedler, owner of ultra-creative woodworking company Oliver Apt. are two of Edmonton's finest, and they had some of their most creative friends chip in to make the day truly incredible.  Here's a taste of some of the talented Yeggers and Yegplaces that were a part of the day:

Ceremony - Atop the High Level Bridge on Edmonton's Streetcar

Pre-ceremony snacks and bevvies - Nate Box (king of the Edmonton coffee shop scene -Elm Cafe, Little Brick, District Coffee Co., Burrow)

Ceremony music - Rob Batke (multi instrumentalist, singer, producer, and composer of Artisan Loyalist)

Rings - Hunt Amor

Reception decor - CJ & Elina of Next Act Event Design ;)

Reception, food & drinks - Meat Restaurant

Wood decor and custom ring boxes - Oliver Apt.

Dessert (macarons) - Duchess Bake Shop

DJ - Thomas Culture

The whole day felt so smooth and natural. At the center of it all was the massive love between Landon and Saylish and of course the abundant support of all of their people. It was a true love fest! It was a perfectly warm Fall day, the food was amazing, the styling was on point, Pancakes the dog was the perfect flower girl and the party was bumping. Oh the dancing! Some of the best moves we've seen. Ever.

It was a true honour to photograph and shoot Super 8mm for these two darlings and this yeg wedding will definitely go down in history.

- N

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