LIFE! California in the Winter

We love California. A lot. We've been fortunate to spend lots of time there, from San Francisco to LA to the desert, where we tied the knot a year and a half ago. Maybe it's the sunshine, maybe it's the succulents, maybe it's the food, or maybe it's just the energy that keeps us returning. We paid LA and Palm Springs a visit in December to celebrate Nicole's big 3-0 and to visit some of our favorite people, Amanda and Scott, who moved to LA in the Summer and are doing incredible work as photographers down there (see Amanda's work here). We also spent a few days with our dear friends Ryan and Koko and their little twins in Palm Springs (these adorable ones).

We made a list of some of our trip highlights (largely food related) and had our Super 8 rolling for a few choice moments, so take a peek at the video below.

Los Angeles

1. Cha Cha Lounge

Hip vibes, bad beer.

2.  The Red Lion Gasthaus

Classic German beer hall that even got Paula's stamp of approval.

3. Golden Road Brewery

Local beers, games, hang times.

4. Ace DTLA

Cocktails, rooftop, hot tub.

5. Venice Beach

Nicole surfed. Paula read on the beach. Nicole was sorer.

6. Silver Lake Ramen

Our very favorite ramen to date. It's a MUST.

7. Beverly Hills Half Marathon

We promised ourselves we'd run a half marathon in 2015 but kept having too much going on to commit to any specific one. So naturally, we made our own. We ran 21km from Korea Town to Beverly Hills, inhaled some smog, and almost got hit by Alicia Silverstone (probably). And lived to tell the tale.

8. Lakers Game

We know almost nothing about basketball but got nosebleed seats to the Lakers game and even got a little emotional (about the Kiss Cam).

9. Fix Coffee

Echo Park. Cozy.

10. Eagle Rock Hang Times

By far our favorite things about our trip was hanging out in Eagle Rock with the Gallants. Those gems.

Palm Springs

1. Ace Poolside

A year and a half ago we were married here so obviously we had to come to reminisce about our greatest day.

2. PS Vintage Market

It is truly mind-numbing how many incredible mid-century pieces are just casually for sale at the vintage market like it's no big deal. We may have brought back a thing or two for Neat Rentals.

3. The Parker

Just go ahead and look up the interior of this place. It's happy-making.

4. Joshua Tree

Always a classic. We bundled up and we bundled up the twins and went exploring. A whole different planet.

5. Taylor Times

And always, the best parts of everything include time spent with people you love.


California Roll

Shot with our Canon 518 with Kodak 50D. And as always, processed by the great peeps at Niagara Custom Lab.