MARRIED! Janine + Curtis

So there's this mysterious, beautiful brick building just down the hill from downtown Edmonton. It's called the Ortona Armoury, and in it is housed FAVA (the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta). We've always been in love with the building but had never really seen it up close. Until Janine and Curtis invited us to capture their wedding.

Janine and Curtis didn't have just one wedding day. They had a wedding TOUR, with ceremonies and friend funtimes in Vancouver (at the crazy gorgeous Bon Accord), Edmonton, and then on to Medicine Hat. Their priority was so clearly their people and the whole day was dreamy good times, good food, good music, and good feelings. We loved being part of it.

Two of our very very favourite photographers, Shari and Mike, captured their photos all along the way, so be sure to peek their feed to see some photos from the wedding tour (the thumbnail photo is theirs, too).

Here's their wedding vid, shot in both vintage Super 8mm and digital.