BORN! Taylor Twins

We often waffle about whether to blog or not. On one hand we are constantly busy and find it hard, most days, to spend a few moments to sit down and write. But on the other hand, we are so grateful to be spending so much time doing what we love - which is photographing and filming incredible people's beautiful moments - and want to be able to share more of our day-to-day work.

So here we are, starting up a blog.

We're starting with one of our most favorite photo sessions of all time. Our dear friend Koko, who is basically a superhero, welcomed twin boys into the world recently and we captured them in their delicious newborn glory. Incidentally on the weekend we planned to shoot we were in between tenants at our downtown condo, so we brought in a lovely tufted velvet couch and some textiles from our side project Neat Rentals and made a little makeshift studio. Koko brought along her mom and her adorable boys. Who, no, are not identical and, yes, are incredibly rad.