Super 8mm Elopement: Jill & Mike

This Spring we captured our first elopement. We're in love.

Jill and Mike's day was just about the two of them and their beautiful love. We were there to capture it all on Super 8m film which was the perfect fit with their classic style and the most idyllic vintage setting, the Hotel Macdonald. After the sweet, intimate ceremony Jill and Mike explored downtown and hit some of their favorite spots.

We're excited to share the film with you and yeah, it does have a bit to do with the fact that it features double Etta James.


Photography: Tricia Victoria & Co

Venue: Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

Officiant: Enid Dufresne-Dario


Weddings, you know?

They're the most important day for the two people involved and there's a whole lot of planning and coordinating and decisions involved in the process. It's a big deal and there are hundreds of moving parts. We know, because we've thrown our own wedding and have been involved in too many to count in our time in the wedding industry (we've also worked with some incredible talent along the way).

When you filter it all down, though, and the day finally arrives, and the decisions are out of your hands, now, there's only one thing at the core, and that's the love. It's about people and it's about moments shared. It's about getting sentimental with your parents and dancing real hard with your people and taking a leap with your partner and letting yourself feel it all. This is the reason that we're in love with weddings. They move us and they bring up the deepest and brightest feels.

As we wrap up our fifth year shooting wedding films, here are some of the brightest moments of all.

Love love! Love.

Paula + Nicole



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